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Welcome to the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy for private sector

Whilst most of us are well aware of the necessity to « talk green » and eventually to « act green », we still tend to lose sight of what climate change is all about and what is at stake. We risk ignoring the perspective from the Global South and fail to consider why those communities who are the least responsible for the climate crises are most threatened by it. This applies even more so for the situation of women and girls who face a double climate injustice.




That’s why CARE Luxembourg, in cooperation with the CARE Climate and Resilience Academy, developed an online-learning-offer for the private sector on climate change and gender equality. The online-learning-offer consists of three courses that will help your colleagues to understand the causes and impact of the climate crisis. The courses detail the urgency and the form of a local and global response.




But your participation offers more than training and staff development. With every participant, you support the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy and CARE Luxembourg’s support for those communities most impacted by climate change. For each employee participating, the company will make a donation of at least 50€ to CARE and of course your colleagues and your company will receive a certificate.




You can only enrol as a company. If you are interested, please write an email to deromand(at) and we will provide you with all necessary information to access the training.

The courses we offer

Course 1

Understanding the Climate Crisis


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Course 2

Responding to the Climate Crisis


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Course 3

Climate Justice and Gender Justice


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A word from our partner



“The global pandemic accelerated the focus on sustainability and created a renewed sense of urgency around climate action. Global challenges such as climate change and social injustice require a collective response in the form of concrete and meaningful action, but many companies lack the necessary knowledge to embark on their sustainability journey. We are proud to support CARE’s Climate & Resilience Academy for Private Sector as we are convinced that the first step in the fight against climate change is to increase awareness and understanding of sustainability matters, and of what needs to be done to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon and more inclusive world for all.”


- Julie Becker, CEO of Luxembourg Stock Exchange