The CARE Climate & Resilience Academy for private sector

While most of us are well aware of the necessity to « talk green » and eventually to « act green », we still tend to lose sight of what climate change is all about and what is at stake. We risk ignoring the perspective from the Global South and fail to consider why those communities who are the least responsible for the climate crisis are most threatened by it. This applies even more so for the situation of women and girls who face a double climate injustice.


That’s why CARE Luxembourg, in cooperation with the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy, developed an online-learning-offer for the private sector on climate change and gender equality. The online-learning-offer consists of three courses that will help your colleagues to understand the causes and impact of the climate crisis. The courses detail the urgency and the form of a local and global response. You can take the courses whenever you wish over a period of time, agreed upon with participating companies. CARE will ask each company to make a donation to CARE's climate programs and the further development of the academy for each staff member taking the courses. At the end, each participating employee and company will receive a certificate.