Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy for private sector?

The CARE Climate & Resilience Academy for private sector is a joint venture of CARE Luxembourg and the CARE Climate and Resilience Academy. It is an online-learning-tool for the private sector and municipalities on climate change and gender equality. The online-learning-offer consists of three courses that will help your colleagues to understand the causes and impact of the climate crisis. The courses detail the urgency and the form of a local and global response. You can take the courses whenever you wish over a period of time, agreed upon individually with participating companies and municipalities. CARE will ask each company to make a donation for each staff member taking the courses to CARE's climate programs and the further developement of the academy. At the end, each participating employee and company will receive a certificate.


Who is the target audience for the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy for private sector?

The CARE Climate & Resilience Academy for private sector targets all companies and municipalities in Luxembourg that want to train their staff on the climate crisis. The courses are designed for a beginner to intermediate level and anyone who desires to renew their knowledge or gain a new perspective on the climate crisis and its impact on the Global South as well as women. The CARE Climate & Resilience Academy for private sector will give you a brief overview on the causes of the climate crisis, the difference of adaptation and mitigation and lastly how gender injustice is linked to the climate crisis.


What will be taught in these courses?

The CARE Climate & Resilience Academy for private sector consists of three courses, giving you an introduction to climate change and gender injustice.

  • The first module is on understanding the climate crisis. The objective of the first course is to give you key information about the causes of climate change and its effect on the most vulnerable people.
  • The second module focuses on the responses needed to address the climate crisis as well as giving you the background and importance of climate change policy frameworks.
  • The last module will give you more specific information on how climate change worsens poverty around the world and how it effects woman and girls living in poverty.


How much time do I need to finish the courses?

Each course is roughly 45 minutes long, depending on the existing knowledge of the participant.


Do I get a certificate for completion and how do I receive it?

Yes. Each employee and company will receive a certificate at the end of the campaign. These certificates will be sent to the HR department within 3 weeks of completion of the courses. Please note that the certificate is issued by CARE Luxembourg and not affiliated with certificates issued by the LGX.


How do I enrol as a company?

If you are interested in offering the online courses to your employees, please send an email to We will provide you with an access code to be used by your employees. We kindly ask you to give us an estimate of the number of employees taking the courses.


How do I enrol as a private person?

Unfortunately, you cannot enrol as a private person. If you are interested in taking the online courses, please contact your HR department and ask them to reach out to us. This way your company can participate and you will be able to take the courses.


How much does it cost?

CARE Luxembourg will ask participating companies and municipalities to make a donation of 50€ per employee taking the courses. It does not matter if an employee only takes one course or all three. Participants will be asked to fill out a form at the end of each course with their name and company. CARE Luxembourg will count the forms and send an invoice to the company depending on the number participants.


Who is CARE Luxembourg?

Founded in 1945 in the United States, CARE helped millions of people after the war in Europe with the famous CARE packages. Pâté, coffee, milk ... The packages were ambassadors for reconciliation and direct human-to-human assistance. This tradition continues today.
CARE is now present in 100 countries and is committed to fighting poverty and ensuring that people affected by disasters can survive in dignity. The most important thing for us is gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, especially in regions where they are systematically disadvantaged.
Poverty is unjust. We cannot accept the fact that over 1.2 billion people around the world live in extreme poverty. This is why the CARE package today represents efficient, innovative and partnership-based aid which acts in a sustainable manner.
For more information on CARE, click here.


Who is behind the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy?

The CARE Climate & Resilience Academy is an online e-learning platform run by CARE experts. Its main objective is to increase development practitioners’ capacities to integrate resilience and tackle the causes and consequences of climate change in their programming, thereby increasing program quality and sustainability and increasing the resilience of the most vulnerable people. It is an initiative started by CARE’s global team leading on Climate Justice – CARE’s Climate Justice Cenetr (CJC).