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CARE: Fast humanitarian relief, sustainable development!

CARE works in over 80 countries worldwide. (Foto: CARE/Wilke)
CARE works in over 80 countries worldwide. (Foto: CARE/Wilke)

CARE is a leading relief and development non-governmental organization fighting global poverty. Non-political and non-sectarian, we operate each year in more than 80 poor countries reaching more than 122 millions of people in need. CARE helps tackle underlying causes of poverty so that people can become self-sufficient. CARE is often one of the first agencies to deliver emergency aid to survivors of natural disasters and war and, once the immediate crisis is over, we help people rebuild their lives. While CARE is a large international organization with 12,000 employees worldwide, we have a strong local presence: 97% of our staff are nationals of the countries where our programmes are run.

CARE staff in Ethiopia (Photo: CARE/Meikle)
CARE staff in Ethiopia (Photo: CARE/Meikle)

CARE in Luxembourg: A small organisation in a powerful network

Being founded in 2008 CARE in Luxembourg a.s.b.l. (CARE L) is one of the youngest members of the international CARE-family. To support the international coordinated fight against hunger and poverty in the most effective way CARE L concentrates on two areas of intervention: First, CARE L engages very quickly after a disaster has hit. In Pakistan and in Haiti our projects have been amongst the very first to contribute to the international response. In Haiti, only three days after the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, distribution of drinking water for 30.000 people was operational and financed by CARE L.

Second, we engage in forgotten humanitarian crises. That is to say, that CARE L supports deliberately such disasters that are not mentioned in the media, which is why the international community often lack the means to respond. CARE L assists for example the world’s largest refugee camps in Kenya and Soudan with education programmes, medical support and safe drinking water systems. We fight hunger and poverty in the remotest and poorest regions of Niger and Laos, where CARE is one of the very few NGOs active.

Our partners and donors, but above all, our beneficiaries, deserve that we use our funds in a way that serves effectively as many people in need as possible in a time when this help is most needed. Thank you for your support! Learn more about CARE L on

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